Thursday, June 24, 2010


no doubt i've been having hols for the past few months..
but to be honest these few months are the most challenging and tough times for me..
even during my final term in diploma where i had tonnes of things to do..
so what if im having my hols now?
it may seems like im enjoying my hols flying here and there..
but DO not judge by just looking at the surface..or judging a book by its cover..
i felt way better before than i am right now..
im stuck in the box being mentally abused..
nobody would really understand...
all you guys would just say..'dont think too much'
i've enough of that..

i rather not talk about it and just digest them down alone..
its hard.its tough.i cant do it on my own.
i'm falling in fact i've fallen..
and i find it hard to stand up again...

Miss Fickled