Wednesday, December 29, 2010


okay..i just realised that this blog has been left abandon for months..
a lil sneak preview of what i'll have to post and update about..
Christmas! and maybe a little more..


Miss Fickled

Monday, August 30, 2010

new path..=)

new place and life..
well its been the coming third week eversince i came
and i've been really thankful for having seniors for helping me..
without them..i'll be even lost and blurr..
but then again..i've been rotting for three weeks already then..

so far so good tho..
god's blessing..
classes starting soon and yeaaa...hopefully it'll be goood..!

Miss Fickled

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

afterrr so longg...

have been travelling a lot lately in the previous month..
have been facing a lot of god's creation..
the mountain tops,volcanos,beaches, seas..
places to tourist dont usually go..
they are actually pretty...
inner beauty of it are the nature and also the people there..
simple minded and they dont have any hanky-panky behind their sleeves..
a very good place to zen and refresh my mind..
would love to go back there again..

im almost done with stuff..
am left with most probably a month..
once im done with my visa and yea i'll confirm my ticket..
and am gonna miss people who are worth missing..

marked by my butt..
an island in sabah..

naruto's frog..
koh samui,thailand.

lake toba ,indonesia..

Miss Fickled

Thursday, June 24, 2010


no doubt i've been having hols for the past few months..
but to be honest these few months are the most challenging and tough times for me..
even during my final term in diploma where i had tonnes of things to do..
so what if im having my hols now?
it may seems like im enjoying my hols flying here and there..
but DO not judge by just looking at the surface..or judging a book by its cover..
i felt way better before than i am right now..
im stuck in the box being mentally abused..
nobody would really understand...
all you guys would just say..'dont think too much'
i've enough of that..

i rather not talk about it and just digest them down alone..
its hard.its tough.i cant do it on my own.
i'm falling in fact i've fallen..
and i find it hard to stand up again...

Miss Fickled

Thursday, May 27, 2010

a broken wing..

as much as i've tried..
i'd still fall back..
and now im feeeling very brittle..
a normal person would have already gone nuts going through that for 1 year..
what more about me when its six years straight..
nobody would really understand..

Miss Fickled

Friday, April 30, 2010

selfish yet irresponbile seeddd in you.

sometimes it really annoys me when people are just plain selfish and irresponsible at times..
its their duty..but they just pushed it aside and expect you to do it for them..
and when u've questions and are really desperate to seek for help..they'll leave you hanging..
what kind of people is this who does not think about how people feel but themselves..
i do now want to think about it..but the matter is currently planted into my brain and cause me to think..
i dont mind going through the hassle but cant you just show a lil more appreciatiation then just taking it for granted?

if one does not voice doesnt mean we are afraid or dumb to notice whatsoever u're up to or planning to lie about.
people do get bored sometimes of the excuses u've been telling and treating one as a lil lulu..
for one reason now is pushing it..and now it has beeen a stronger thought..

Miss Fickled

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


everything is just not right this month..
i keep losing things..
things that are important to me..=(
and i wonder why..

Lil Miss Fickled

Friday, April 23, 2010


things would have been much easier if u were to close your ears and eyes..
not bothering whats going on..
but life wouldnt be that easy on you..
having to let go just plain impossible..
but memories will remain and will never go off..right?or will it?

its has beeen pretty challenging..
as right now..its a complete mystery for whats happening next to me..because i myself cant tell..or predict..
left my blog empty hanging for a couple of months already its because i was busy preparing myself for finals.
and right now..time's really running out as i've a lot of things to do..which i hope i'll get them settle as soon as possible.
and the job will lead me to a place further from here..
which everyone seems to asked...why there..why am i always choosing places away from home.

Miss Fickled

Saturday, March 20, 2010

what's next?

Okay..i know i've beeen hibernating from my blog for ages.
finals coming..
too much to read..a heap of mountain..
lots of subjects..difficult tough ones..sighs..
and what's next?
too many things coming up..
i need to really think about my path which im gonna begin with next after my diploma..

i will update more again..
after my finals..=)

Miss Fickled

Thursday, January 28, 2010

term 6 finals..

well...i know i've not beeen really updating about my doings throughout the holidays..
but all i know was it was really the emo month for me..
3/4 of it..

didnt really do much but before my hols ended we went down for a day trip to malacca..
and then with another bunch to pangkor/sitiawan..for of get-away cos all 3 of us had our emo periods..

and now college started..
its in the so called lakeside campus..and im pretty aware that they didnt emphasize to public that there's a cow farm directly behind the college.
and each morning or so..when the wind blows..gosh..the smelll of their poops..killllls straight..flat on the floor..
and if i wanna write a list of complains about the new afraid its gonna be a long post..

this term will be final term for my diploma..
and its gonna be a tough one..
sighs..pray for time management..
that'll i'l be able to cope up with things..

and we've got the emo queen.stone king and blur queen in action for 3 days 3 nights..
which we crashed pls's hse..

and up next is to malacca..

which i always refer to the 'c' gang..
which contains of cat(ah mao), celes,me and charlie.
charlie's hse was like a those typical nyonya's hse..

back to my reports now..

Miss Fickled

Monday, January 25, 2010

to trigger or provoke..

well..i just realised that all the post lately are more to dull and sorrow ones..

i couldnt help but to have emo inspirations to produce these kind of post..

i cant think of any good ones which i can post about..

just that the lil part of me have been provoking the emoness and trigger the emo button in me which have taken a serious effect in me to cause this..

no point ranting about it..

but i just admitting that i miss those few days i had throughout the emo days of mine..=(

i still do actually..if some of u are thinking about..i dont know what..i guess u guys are wrong then..

Miss Fickled

Friday, January 15, 2010

aware or not?

how silly can people be at times?

knowing that u shouldnt do something u're not suppose to but u still do in the end?

and for that u choose for that to happen..u're pretty aware of it..

and end up being in a messed..


others just dont understand or forsee things..

i guessed thats why everyone has their diff point of view towards everything..

Miss Fickled