Thursday, January 28, 2010

term 6 finals..

well...i know i've not beeen really updating about my doings throughout the holidays..
but all i know was it was really the emo month for me..
3/4 of it..

didnt really do much but before my hols ended we went down for a day trip to malacca..
and then with another bunch to pangkor/sitiawan..for of get-away cos all 3 of us had our emo periods..

and now college started..
its in the so called lakeside campus..and im pretty aware that they didnt emphasize to public that there's a cow farm directly behind the college.
and each morning or so..when the wind blows..gosh..the smelll of their poops..killllls straight..flat on the floor..
and if i wanna write a list of complains about the new afraid its gonna be a long post..

this term will be final term for my diploma..
and its gonna be a tough one..
sighs..pray for time management..
that'll i'l be able to cope up with things..

and we've got the emo queen.stone king and blur queen in action for 3 days 3 nights..
which we crashed pls's hse..

and up next is to malacca..

which i always refer to the 'c' gang..
which contains of cat(ah mao), celes,me and charlie.
charlie's hse was like a those typical nyonya's hse..

back to my reports now..

Miss Fickled

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  1. "but all i know was it was really the emo month for me..
    3/4 of it.."

    more like an emo year, an emo life ur going thru. lol. miss me? =)