Wednesday, July 7, 2010

afterrr so longg...

have been travelling a lot lately in the previous month..
have been facing a lot of god's creation..
the mountain tops,volcanos,beaches, seas..
places to tourist dont usually go..
they are actually pretty...
inner beauty of it are the nature and also the people there..
simple minded and they dont have any hanky-panky behind their sleeves..
a very good place to zen and refresh my mind..
would love to go back there again..

im almost done with stuff..
am left with most probably a month..
once im done with my visa and yea i'll confirm my ticket..
and am gonna miss people who are worth missing..

marked by my butt..
an island in sabah..

naruto's frog..
koh samui,thailand.

lake toba ,indonesia..

Miss Fickled