Sunday, November 29, 2009

sinful crime when u're sick..

finals's is just a week ahead..
im seriously doom.
have been jamming my brain with wine laws and all..

oh welll stayed over in celes's place on fri..
because we went out to laundry to celebrate celine and eunice's bday..
was suppose to go the library but it was packed..
wasnt really in the mood that day..
lost my precious..=/
ended up sitting outside for a while for some fresh air..
and after we went to mcd at nearly 3am..
slept at 530 plus cos celes and i were pillow talking throughout the few hours before sleeping..hehehe...

the nex morning which was yesterday..
went down to klcc and pavillion with mummy jus to walked around..
and knowing that im sick..
we had thai food for lunch and dessert bar for desserts..hehe.xD
which was a total crime..
thai food was nice...sour and spicy..oohlala!

had brunch in chakri palace..

the cosy ambience of the restaurant..

our appetizer..sour stuff..yummmy!
mango salad with minced catfish..

followed by the thai four season..

this was..lovely..
tom yam clear seafood soup..
sour and spicy enough.=D

and the pad thai noodles..
too oily..=/

and walking and roaming around for hours..
we headed over to dessert bar for desserts as our

snow ball..didnt choose the nutty christmas as i dont fancy nuts..
its sorta fruity with 12 mini ice cream balls with any 3 flavors.
as usualy we'll look for the shorbet most sour flavor..hehe..
passion fruit sesame ice cream and strawberry..
missed those time we had the ice cream and shorbet in hk..=/

and mum wanted the grape cheesecake..
didnt quite like it cos i dont really take dairy products..
and we had the minty lemon smoothiee...aaahh!!that was really refreshing...wanna know why??

another crime i've committed today was..
mcd for lunch with mummy chi mei..nicole and xe..tee hee..
there goes my toad voice..

Miss Fickled

Thursday, November 26, 2009

mes amie..

you knew i was down..
but sigggh u cant be here for me.
but yet you took the initiative to send a really sweet text to cheer me up all the way from south africa..
making missing you even more!
uggghhh..i want boxing day to come quickly..
and that's when u're touching m'sia..
that simple text made my night and i totaly have forgotten the frustrations i had.. not referring to whoever u all are thinking about..
mon amie..elle s'appele rachel chua..=D

xoxo..take care huns..
continue shining for him..=D

Miss Fickled

Saturday, November 21, 2009


a week ago..
we went over to foo foo's house to do our french assignment..
nice house with tonnes of mirrors everywhere...
from moment we stepped inside..
his mum looks like his sister instead of mother..
which we thought was his sister..that was how young she looked like..

and after that we headed to the curve..
was suppose to filmed our french video but ended up eating without filming..
and how can we go somewhere without a camera?

the biggest mirror in the living room..
with the mirror it looks more like a dance studio..

and later on we dined in marche..

the moment we stepped in..
the restaurant smelled like our college's kitchen..
well because it's market style..
and it was pretty warm.
the food wasnt really nice for us..

foo foo and blur queen..

jinn and ah cat..

the 5 of us..

et voila!!
we saw this..
mais..we didnt go in cos we were too full..xD

more posts coming up!

Miss Fickled

Thursday, November 19, 2009


mountains mountains..assignments are like mountains..
have beeen sleeeepin really late these dew weeks..and days..
practically look like a zombie..
oh well all 3 groups event had passed..
and it was okay..
all 3 with different interesting concept..
will update about a few soon...prob on sat..=D

My darling(laptop) is telling me to concentrate on my work..

Little Miss Fickled

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

bon anniversaire!

manyyy returns to Nov Babies!
HApppy Birthhhdayy!!

moi blur queen..

which is todaaayyy..
gonna celeb in werner's!


not forgeting our Ms Gan which is blur queen's twin..

Ms Twweeeeety..

Ms Serene

Ms Christina..


Ms Tigress Lee(right)

Mr Duku

last but not least..

my yat-taf darling!

Bon Anniversaire!

Miss Fickled