Saturday, November 21, 2009


a week ago..
we went over to foo foo's house to do our french assignment..
nice house with tonnes of mirrors everywhere...
from moment we stepped inside..
his mum looks like his sister instead of mother..
which we thought was his sister..that was how young she looked like..

and after that we headed to the curve..
was suppose to filmed our french video but ended up eating without filming..
and how can we go somewhere without a camera?

the biggest mirror in the living room..
with the mirror it looks more like a dance studio..

and later on we dined in marche..

the moment we stepped in..
the restaurant smelled like our college's kitchen..
well because it's market style..
and it was pretty warm.
the food wasnt really nice for us..

foo foo and blur queen..

jinn and ah cat..

the 5 of us..

et voila!!
we saw this..
mais..we didnt go in cos we were too full..xD

more posts coming up!

Miss Fickled

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