Thursday, January 28, 2010

term 6 finals..

well...i know i've not beeen really updating about my doings throughout the holidays..
but all i know was it was really the emo month for me..
3/4 of it..

didnt really do much but before my hols ended we went down for a day trip to malacca..
and then with another bunch to pangkor/sitiawan..for of get-away cos all 3 of us had our emo periods..

and now college started..
its in the so called lakeside campus..and im pretty aware that they didnt emphasize to public that there's a cow farm directly behind the college.
and each morning or so..when the wind blows..gosh..the smelll of their poops..killllls straight..flat on the floor..
and if i wanna write a list of complains about the new afraid its gonna be a long post..

this term will be final term for my diploma..
and its gonna be a tough one..
sighs..pray for time management..
that'll i'l be able to cope up with things..

and we've got the emo queen.stone king and blur queen in action for 3 days 3 nights..
which we crashed pls's hse..

and up next is to malacca..

which i always refer to the 'c' gang..
which contains of cat(ah mao), celes,me and charlie.
charlie's hse was like a those typical nyonya's hse..

back to my reports now..

Miss Fickled

Monday, January 25, 2010

to trigger or provoke..

well..i just realised that all the post lately are more to dull and sorrow ones..

i couldnt help but to have emo inspirations to produce these kind of post..

i cant think of any good ones which i can post about..

just that the lil part of me have been provoking the emoness and trigger the emo button in me which have taken a serious effect in me to cause this..

no point ranting about it..

but i just admitting that i miss those few days i had throughout the emo days of mine..=(

i still do actually..if some of u are thinking about..i dont know what..i guess u guys are wrong then..

Miss Fickled

Friday, January 15, 2010

aware or not?

how silly can people be at times?

knowing that u shouldnt do something u're not suppose to but u still do in the end?

and for that u choose for that to happen..u're pretty aware of it..

and end up being in a messed..


others just dont understand or forsee things..

i guessed thats why everyone has their diff point of view towards everything..

Miss Fickled