Friday, April 23, 2010


things would have been much easier if u were to close your ears and eyes..
not bothering whats going on..
but life wouldnt be that easy on you..
having to let go just plain impossible..
but memories will remain and will never go off..right?or will it?

its has beeen pretty challenging..
as right now..its a complete mystery for whats happening next to me..because i myself cant tell..or predict..
left my blog empty hanging for a couple of months already its because i was busy preparing myself for finals.
and right now..time's really running out as i've a lot of things to do..which i hope i'll get them settle as soon as possible.
and the job will lead me to a place further from here..
which everyone seems to asked...why there..why am i always choosing places away from home.

Miss Fickled

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