Monday, September 14, 2009

Macau & Hk!

i deleted my blog..=(
everything went upside down..and was missing..
so yea..

anyways..jus came back from my nice get-away trip to macau and hk..
left to macau on the 8th(tue)and the night before i didnt sleep at all..
flight was in the morning..left the hse at 4am..and i only packed that night
was there for 3 days and took a ferry across to hk..
went there with mum and i met up with mr panda chopstick tong..hahahha..xD
he took us around hk for the couple of days..and i've to admit i had lotsa fun..
we both were soo random..and ended up doing and realising lots of funny lil things..

the cab came at 4am sharp..i only went to bed at 3.15 and mum woke me up 5 mins later..
hahah..nudge billy at that morning since he's a midnight owl..
it took us 3 hours plus to reach macau..
reached at around 10++am headed straight to our hotel..
mum being
Holiday Inn Macau

after checking in..we took a bus and our lovely map Senado Square..
Senado Square..
a tourist around..lots of things to see..

the McD there was huge..

had our lunch in this quite famous chinese restaurant (Wong Chi Kei) that serves nice noodles but we too much of msg..=/

St. Dominic's Church..

caught mum red handed coming out from the confession thingy..

and our inital plan was to go the Ruined's of St Paul on the next day..but we didnt know we could jus walked there from Senado Square which takes only 10 mins..

Ruineds of St Paul
Is this Familiar?
We always see this on tv..

Its actually jus a piece of building in the middle..
with staircase at the back for us to walk up..
&&& those downstairs can actually look up because the staircase has hole in it..and i was wearing a SKIRT..>.< hahaha..didnt dare to walk but mum was like..'faster laaaa'

the view from the top..

we went back to the hotel after that to clean up..
jus before we left in the evening..while waiting for the shuttle bus..
i was jus fooling around with mum by setting the timer of my camera and camwhore..
the concierge guy was nice and he offered to took a pic for us..

i think its a lil dark..but oh well..=)

Sands Hotel at the back and on the left is Macau Fisherman's Wharf..
The hotels here are like those in Vegas with casino..All of'em..

Macau Fisherman's Wharf..
Its DEAD..totally..
its was well decorated but the advertising for this was really bad..
no tourist at all..or should i one at all..

in MGM Hotel..
its in vegas tooo!
ps*edwin doesnt this panda reminds u of urself?lol..xD

moving on,we walked to Hotel Grand Lisboa..
one of the top hotels in macau with really huge casino..


had their very own famous Pork Chop Bun(Ju Pa Bao) for b'fast..

We had no where to go..
as we covered most of the place we wanted to go in macau..
visited a temple..and we sat there for almost an hour to wait for time to past to wait for a Portugese Restaurant to open..
the Restaurant standard was something like my training place..
if we came a lil later..the restaurant's full..cos we walked in without reservation..

A Lorcha Restaurant..

For portugese cuisine..
they're most likely famous for their african chicken..clams and cant really rmb..prawn!yea..
we had grilled prawn with garlic and chilli flakes..african chicken..
mum had macau beer..=D
and for dessert we had stewed apple with port wine..which looks like rotten apple..

us during lunchie..

after lunch we took a bus to the so called 'Tea culture Musuem' which was disappointing..
it was jus a plain building which has nothing in it..wasted our effort..and to a Lou Lei Garden which was disappointing too..=(
took us a long journey to walked all the way there jus to take a pic..-.-

The Garden..

in the evening..we took a bus to Taipa Island..
the so called Cotia Strip..
they're under construction..trying to construct it into Vegas Strip in Vegas..
and in that island..the very famous City of Dreams(hard rock macau) is there and The Venetian Hotel..
its similar to the one in Vegas..
went to the one in Vegas before and this one was smaller and nothing much as i saw the one in Vegas before..
The Venetian

a slight Jazz performance in the middle of the casino of venetian..
mum asked me to picked up jazz to..
i want..but i need a parner..=/

they had this mermaid in the entrance of the city of dreams hotel..

haha...and so happen another mermaid
spot the third wan?hahahahhahxD

City OF Dreams,Hard Rock Macau..
Like the badges..=D and bear!!

while we were there,we managed to catch they show they have almost every 30 mins..
its called The Bubble Show..
it was quite unique in a way..
we were all in a bubble formed looking theatre..
and it wasnt a laser show but i dont know how to describe..
had 5 dragons and this was 1 of them..nice!
the show lasted around 15-20 mins..

after that we had a buffet dinner in the

Golden Pavillion(Asian Restaurant)
the long queue..and we got bored?

DAY 3 (Hong Kong)

Checked out in the morning and we took a ferry across to hong kong..
had a 1 hour ride in the ferry..
took a cab again as it was quite far from the ferry terminal to the mtr station..
checked in and we walked out to look for food..our brunch..
i LOVE LOVE LOVE HEART the desserts in hong kong...especially my fav!hehehehe..
ate in a small local restaurant called Hang Fa Lau..
LOVED the black sesame with tofufa..=/

after lunch we took a mtr to Causeway Bay,Time Square..

Time Hong Kong Island..

after that in the evening we went over to Hotel Nikko to have dinner..
the hotel where edwin is working in..=)
gosh to be honest..the food was TREMENDOUSLY GOOD..
but i was soooooo shy seriously cos he invited us over and..yadayada..haha..
but still all thanks to him we had the chance to dine there..=)
for all the hard work of preparing and the stress he had gone through for this menu..appreciate it lots..
we dine in a french restaurant called les celebrites.

Hotel Nikko Hong Kong

our fine heavenly dinner..
our starter..we had bread..fresh oyster(yummilicous) and also the duck sauce at the bottom left..suppose to dip with bread and it..

it was a semi-buffet too.
they had varieties of starters which includes japanese food,desserts and seafood(lobsters,prawns,mussels and crabs)
look at the number of cakes..

just when the first course(appetizer) was served..
edwin joined us for the dinner..
he didnt want too but his chef asked him too..=D
Sashimi Tartar(tuna and scallop)
with a poor lil live fish at the bottom..

2nd Course: Onion Soup..
the soup was marvellous..
according to our chef edwin its a upgraded onion soup..
with sauteed onion and beef consomme as based with cheese on top..
but i dont really fancy

3rdly: Foie Gras
Goose liver. A famous cuisine in french cuisine..
with a reduction of balsamico sauce and salad..
u've to taste it..its crispy on the outside and soft inside...yuuuuuuuuuumyyyy..

4thly:Slow Cook Salmon..
Notice properly..u see the black layer there..its actuall not the skin of the salmon.
its actually a layer of parsley with rocket salad and butter sauce..
the parsley goes perfectly with the salmon.
LOVED it..
its considered as light main course..

last but not least..
finally to our main course.
the BEST of all..

Main Course: A Half land and Half Sea Creature Dish..
we were given a choice to choose on what we want for our 'land' dish..
mum and edwin had tenderloin whereas i had lamb..
recommended by chef edwin..=D
with the sea creature which is lobster with tomato sauce and mash potato..
we had Bellini(champagne cocktail) which goes amazingly with the main course..

homemade heavenly ice creams..
green tea i/c,sherbet and my fav!black sesame..
each i/c was ones fav..
black sesame(mine),green tea(edwin),sherbet(mum)

thanks for everything throughout the past few days...=D
and amazing dinner too!

after the dinner we took a stroll back to the mtr station and headed back to our hotel..


met up with edwin in one of the station at 9am and left for ocean park!
that particular morning..we were totally drenched in rain water..
it rained for 2 hours..
we were avoiding the rain by running to shades.but in the end we got fed up..
cos the rides we sat one of them was wet..and the rest were dry..
but still we gotten all wet that day by the rain..
ocean park!

the few rides we had..

edwin and i was waiting for this ride eversince we stepped inside..
its called The Dragon..
a roller coaster ride with 3 loops..woohooo!!

mum managed to take a pic of us..

on our way up in the cable car..=D

the cute lil ones..
ps:edwin dont the panda jus reminds u of urself again..?xD

us on the higher part of the ocean park with the view at the back..
and not forgetting our drenched look..
noticed the green green..

edwin and the mascott..

we left at around 4..
went back to the hotel to clean up..
had to cos we were soaking wet with rain water..
met up with edwin again for dinner and off to tsim tsa tsui as mum wanted to go ladies street..
i think edwin got bored following us there..hmmm..
had dinner and DESSERT!its a must for them to have dessert..and we love the dessert there..hehehhe...

mum had the first on top with black and white ice creams..(coconut and blk sesame)
still the ice cream we had in edwin's training place was a zillion time nicer!
i had the mango with err mango i/c and glutinous ball?
edwin had the err mango with pomelo?mango i/c and errr....xD

after that walked mum back to the hotel cos i left the other key in the bathroom sink..=/
while waiting for the mong kok back to the hotel..

Scenery of Avenue Of Stars

we were suppose to go for a drink after that..
but ended up we went somewhere else which was the Avenue Of Stars..
and did random stuff which we didnt expect
while sending me back to the hotel..
and a random plan came up which was to go langham mall..which most youngster hangs out there..the very next day.


we had dim sum for brunch in a restaurant near by edwin's working place..
and jus right before we had brunch we were in the duty free shop opposite hotel nikko..
edwin bought a lv wallet he has been eyeing at for quite some time..hehehe..=D

edwin's lv..=D

when we were in langham mall..

we saw this actor..
if u guys watched tvb drama..u guys should know him..

our dessert

went up to the peak by taking tram..
and also to the madame toussand?
the queue was considered long but when we were coming down the queue was massive..scary..
the peak tram

the forever famous edwin..tsk.tsk.

king and queens of england..

edwin bumped into andy lau too!

headed up to the galleria there..
lots of cute lil dogs there too..
managed to snap a pic of the poodle?

behind the camera..mummy!

and when were up in the peak..
managed to see the sun sets..

the scenery was gorgeous..

Baked Alaska Flambe
headed back to mongkok after that to have dessert again..
it was nice on the outside..but the ice cream inside degraded it...=/

after that..mum headed back to the hotel herself..
as it was my last night there..
edwin and i did lotsa random stuff again..
we even talked till we got into the wrong train..-.-
and that day it was like havin a train detour.moving up and down frm one place to was the same place over and over again..
we had a walked to Victoria Park..
The ppl in Hong Kong lives for food..seriously..even till 12pm plus the restaurants are still packed with ppl..and even ppl taking numbers to dine in..!
at 11.30pm edwin brought me to Itamae Sushi..

sushi i had was awesome too!
they had unagi with cheese on top.i know i dont like cheese..but still.hehe.
and scallop sushi?and and the geoduck sushi?whoaaaa..

edwin showed me this coke machine..
once u turn the bottle cap..
when it releases air,the coke will turn frm liquid to solid..whivh means to ice..
cooll ehh..but unfortunately out of stock.

went for a drink after sushi..
in a pub..
had 3 rounds..edwin had his peachtini,hoegaarden and b-52 given by the bar tender..
had my dry martini,bellini again!! and b-52..
edwin hated my dry
and after that at almost 3am, we walked back to my hotel..
sorry edwin!hahahha..u had to work the nex day..


while waiting for the mtr..

couldnt resist!

in the ferry on the way to hong kong..
-.- no idea on what mum and i was

the blue blues..haha..
noticed the hats we're wearing..

saw lots lots and lots of nice gorgeous cars..
Lamborghini(eevon u should married a guy frm hk),mazda..subaru..lots..
saw a few Ferrari..HOT stufff..

ps:thanks edwin for the 3 days company..
sorry if we bored u..
i had lotsa fun!due to the randomness we out of no where..greens,blues..lots..=D


  1. darling...chocs in hong kong?i think i should ask u any chocs fer me?

  2. yer...din ajak me go! ! ! !
    n the ferarri looks HOT HOT HOT till THE MAX! ! !
    *whistle* *whistle*...

  3. sorry darls..heheh..we saw lots lots lots of spot cars..=( hot cars..lamborghinis..mazda..sooo mannny...porche..=/ envy themmmmm.