Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Moi Princess

well..huns, i know im few days early to post this up..
but at least u could read'em before u leave or something..
im sooo gonna miss you..glad that i had the chance to catch up with you last sat before u leave..=D
3 mths is short i know..but stil..hehe..
all the ramblings we did about each other and everything like we used to..

time passed real fast..
i've know you for 19 years?
since we were toddlers..to crybabies..till now..we're all in col..
hope u'll be accepted in monash uni..and u'll be much nearer to me!
i actually miss those time where u crash my hse..
and end up playing ctr!xD

and u're leaving on your birthday day..
take care aites when u're in south africa and those areas..
better make sure u dont get any thinner when u're there..=D
happpy early birthday huns..xoxo..

back then in 2006

haha...she's gonna kill me for this..

and now..
us in 2009..
Happy 19th Birthday!
continue shining for him..
as he'll take care of u too when u're south africa..
dont talk to strangers!on ur way there..ehehehe..in the airport..=D
will miss you..lotss..=/
guess i'll only see u after boxing day then..heheh...=D

and and i need to trim my hair before col starts if its possible..
its annoying seeing the split ends..
or perhaps..should i chopp..
sigh i cant make up my mind...
shall see how...hmmm.

will be going to genting on thurs and be back on fri..
ps:i dont like my part time job..-.-


  1. that elephant, Phoebe is coming with me to SA (:
    Thanks for coming up xx

  2. hahah..lucky phoebe cos she has been with u for years and have traveled to sooo many places with u..=D xoxo.