Saturday, December 12, 2009

air to breathe.

i survived throughout my sleepless night..
causing all my pimples to popped out..
im pretty worried for my english and fnb paper..
i did quite badly especially fnb..
seriously exaggeration added in it..
but oh well..the thing was throughout the exam period..
my friend actually called to morning call
was so reluctant to get up..sleepless nights..

backbone hurt yesterday.
didnt really go out and stayed put in the hse.
wanted to update about the pa event but then i cant seem to change the pics's sequence..
oh well another time then..

supposingly said to be holidays for me..
but no...dont get the word holidays..
this round of holidays are for me to finish up my 13 psr reports..register for toefl and sit for it asap.

am pretty messed up lately..
siggghh..i think im gonna need to settle some stuff as soon as i can..
i need fresh
somewhere.with.good company.

Miss Fickled

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