Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Life is Full of Drama

life is full of drama..
Despite many of us have secrets which has a lil spice in it..
the drama that happens may not be those we truly enjoy..
its not stagnant and changes always..
a question i need to ponder..
Am i leaving in denial because i dont want to admit even as i wish for stability?

why are there always bits and pieces left no matter how hard you try to get rid of them?
its like a donut where there's a hole in the middle of it..
why does it feels like..im standing at the edge of a broken bridge trying to save myself from falling again and again.
and each time i stand up..the self confidence level decreases after each fall..
the mask that's being put on is getting thicker each day..
no point ranting about it.
it leads to maturity at the end of the day.
u'll not know the truth by just seeing it through the cover unless you dig..
it gets you thinking and by that it turns on the emo button..
even the confusion grows everyday

reminisces.i've not gotten a decent one for a really long time..
everything is going to be buried and burnt.
trying to lie and say it's okay to myself..
a feeling i shouldnt feel.or react that way.
i dont know what to say.

sitting outside there.
i miss stoning..letting my mind run free...
if u asked me..what's in your mind?
i seriously dont know..

Miss Fickled

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  1. ei donut nowadays no hole in the middle d =D just fall from the bridge and go with the flow la. emo emo.. hehe..