Tuesday, October 20, 2009


eversince we left elcerdo after our training..
we've been their kinda regular customers already..
lol..when there for sis's bday..
after that with bunch of college sayangs..
and yesterday..with kah wai and 3 other batangs..hehehe..xD

went their on our 2nd week of college for their set lunch..
k wai and i already knew what we were craving for badly over there..which was their serrano hams..hehe..
she even got a saman souvenir on her way there from the police..and she was screaming and yelling in the car..

the 10 of us..=D

and as for yesterday..
we had dinner there for merv's 2 mth belated bday..
hehe..sorry merv but hope u have a nice them..
after class we 5 went to kah wai's crib and from there she drove to elcerdo..
the 3 batang..charlie..chung and merv(muka gangster)

chung fooling around with kah wai's devil headband..

on the way there..

i was squashed into between the 2 batangs..
and merv the kayu was fooling around by doin funny things..

kah wai..charlie and chung..

chung reallly..literally and seriously enjoyed the meall..hahahahaha..

merv with our stonehorse shiraz wine..

we really think she's drunk but she kept denying..

kah wai's as red as tomato's face..

the special ribs..=D
with bbq sauce..jalepeno sauce and salsa mexicana sauce..

group pic..

we surprised him with the song and all..hahaha..xD

merv feeedin kah wai the strawbeerrryy..
bet it was really sweet...

with our elcd special..

i stilll wanna go werners..=/

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