Friday, October 9, 2009


am reaallly busy lately..
siggh..assignments are seriously pilling up like mountains..
classes ends so late everyday..
i dont even have time to do my things..
siggggggggggggggggh..have been eating so much lately too..

last sunday the 4 guys came down las week for their vacation..
we were suppose to go down together in a gang to meet up with them..
due to the tight and so many-yet-so-lil time to do...we postpone a day later which was sunday..
turned out wayne and zombie couldnt make it..
so i went down with mum n sis..met up with them while sis and mum hang in the mall..
chris brought them around on sat and even to william's too..
met them in klcc on sunday..

met them up in californian pizza..
and went for a stroll later on..
okay i know my hair looked messy..
but i kinda like

i didnt wanna eat....
they forced me to..
like literally forced..
cos i had to have dinner with sis n mum in elcerdo..for her belated..

the 4..frm left: malas,me, and enggal..
all of them are my westin colleagues and they're from indon..

that was how silly they were!!


abg rendy..
with nice background..

the 4 of us and behind the camera..abg rendy..



tho i only met them a while..
but it was nice seeing them after sooooo long...heheeh..

after meeting up with them we went over to elcerdo for dinner..
mum and i with our kaeshler semillon from wine..
j'aime wine..hehe..

with mr boss..

will update about my post about the sommelier competetion i attended with the gala dinner sooon..when time permits..

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