Sunday, October 25, 2009

Neo Lounge..

having one to decide something crucial makes a big difference in one's life..
it may sounds like im exaggerating but..oh well..nobody's gonna find out what am i referring to..except my 3 sayangs who
conclusion is i've come up with something and i've finally let the burden that has been bothering me out..=D

well on friday...a bunch of us went to NEO LOUNGE for a part time with a very reasonable pay..
it was a pub/lounge/bar kinda environment..
nice ambience i would say..
it was a 'Style Rock' event they were having..
with lotsa V.V.I.P' tunku..datuk..dato..datin..whatever u can think of were there..
even Serena See..and those 8tv Quickie host..
then event started at 9 and we finished at around 2am plus..=)

neo's bar..

neo's pathway to tamarind hills..

us after the tiring hours...

jinne.beatrice..lisa..wei ling..

how can we miss a group pic together...
of cos not!=D

last but not least..
batang merv...

lastly we celebrated granny's 83.=D

Miss Fickled

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